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Pure Pigments | Marshall Noice & Sangita Phadke

Pastel is a medium unlike any other. Dry pigments are mixed with a binder, and then formed into various shapes that the artist works with. Since there is little dilution from pure color, the result is a piece which has luminosity and  saturation all its own.

Here at Waxlander Gallery we are excited for this year’s Pastel Show, which opens this week and runs through June 16. Marshall Noice and Sangita Phadke are masters of the medium, and both will be here for the opening reception on Friday June 6th from 5 – 7:30pm.

Marshall Noice

Opening - Marshall Noice

Opening – Marshall Noice

Pastel forests of red, blue, green, and yellow dance across the paper. These are the works of Marshall Noice, whose vivid landscapes captures the energy of the location he paints. While based on real locations, these colorful works represent the feel of the area more than the literal appearance.

Noice uses the unique nature of pastels in a way that conveys immediacy. The viewer can see the strokes of color on the paper, and the rich hues enhance the scene.

Sangita Phadke

The Glowing Peach - Sangita Phadke

The Glowing Peach – Sangita Phadke

Sangita Phadke’s still works of fruits, vegetables and flowers are as realistic as possible and are often mistaken for photographs. Peaches glow and drops of water on a blueberry reflect the light.

Phadke uses the vibrancy of the medium is used to its fullest to produce pieces of true color and depth. The pigments are seamlessly blended to create the true-to-life gradients that give her works their unique look.

Join us on Friday, June 6th from 5-7:30pm for the opening of this year’s Pastel Show and Meet both Marshall Noice and Sangita Phadke.

A Sense Of Place | A Journey Through Pastel

Pistachios - Sangita Phadke

Pistachios – Sangita Phadke

Art has the ability to transport a viewer to a place and time, without moving them from a physical location. Color and form merge to impart the unique vision of the artist briefly onto those who would gaze at the finished piece.

Both Marshall Noice and Sangita Phadke aim to take the viewer on a journey with their pastel pieces, while also imbuing a sense of place. Each has gathered inspiration from both near and far and are presenting their newest works in our 2014 Pastel Show, which runs from June 3rd through June 16th.

Marshall Noice

“My inspiration for this new work comes from my travels over the past year. The new paintings are landscapes of, for the most part, northern New Mexico, southern Colorado and northern Arizona.”

Storm Passing - Marshall Noice

Storm Passing – Marshall Noice

Marshall Noice has been traveling in search of inspiration, and he has been finding it in abundance in the American Southwest. Rich oranges, reds, yellows and purples capture the energy of the landscape, while cool blues and greens impart a sense of life.

While not a literal interpretation of the landscape that he portrays, one can sense the feeling and emotion that were pervasive as Noice worked. The chaos of wind and moisture can be seen in ‘Storm Passing,’ while the cool of night is tangible in ‘After Sunset.’ Shadows fill the space under the trees in other works, inviting the viewer to imagine a respite in the shade.

“I hope the art viewer will take away a strong sense of place when looking at my new work. And since my work is not especially literal, that sense of place may relate to the precise place in the painting or it may be a place known only to the viewer.”

Sangita Phadke

“My show highlights fruits, vegetables, and flowers from regions all across the United States and abroad.”

Hatch Chile Trio - Sangita Phadke

Hatch Chile Trio – Sangita Phadke

Sangita Phadke has also been finding her inspiration in places both near and far. From the staples of the pantry she has presented the everyday in a new light with stunning portrayals of eggs, onions, apples, pears and even the humble tomato. Yet a touch of the exotic also appears with a ripe pomegranate, a graceful eggplant, a trio of pistachios or a juicy peach.

Phadke’s travels in culinary inspiration have also brought a New Mexico staple to the limelight. Fresh Hatch chiles make their appearance, their glistening skin and vibrant hues of red and green hinting at the rich flavor and heat that awaits.

“Whether it’s a sweet Georgia peach or a fresh apple from New York, I hope that viewers will feel a sense of place when they view my collection of paintings.”

We invite you to take a journey with the pastels of Marshall Noice and Sangita Phadke from June 3rd through June 16th here at Waxlander Gallery, and join us for the opening reception on Friday June 6th from 5:00 – 7:30 PM.

After Sunset - Marshall Noice

After Sunset – Marshall Noice

Our 2013 Holiday Show – Something for Everyone!

Spring Greens & Crimson Red Pears - Sangita Phadke

Spring Greens & Crimson Red Pears – Sangita Phadke

Reaching Out - Christopher Owen Nelson

Reaching Out – Christopher Owen Nelson


If you haven’t yet experience our 2013 Holiday Show, you still have time! The second opening is set for the evening of Friday, December 27th and we warmly invite you and yours to browse the dynamic art from 5-7PM. We will also provide refreshments and music – a perfect setting for enjoying fine art on Canyon Road. One of the things we love most about this show is the variety – it’s that special time of year where we get to highlight all of our artists’ handiwork in one grand display, and we can honestly say there is something for everyone’s taste represented in this show!

Celestial Celebration - Lori Faye Bock

Celestial Celebration – Lori Faye Bock

If you love hyper-realism at its finest, Sangita Phadke’s pastels are for you. She has an incomparable style and many of our gallery visitors think her works are photos. You have to see Sangita’s compositions in person – we guarantee you’ll do a double take, when you see that they are in fact not photos, but rather, incredibly detailed and intricately crafted pastels!

Colors and Contours of Zion - Bernard Marks

Colors and Contours of Zion – Bernard Marks


For those that are nature lovers, Bernard Marks’ oil landscapes pay beautiful homage to the natural world. He generally paints en plein air, and the proximity to nature inspires him to immortalize what he sees in art form. When gazing at Bernard’s pieces, you will feel like you are there – whether it’s at the foot of a towering rock formation in Zion National Park, or beside a serene mountain lake.

A Touch of Passion - Michael Etheridge

A Touch of Passion – Michael Etheridge



We also have a lot of work that speaks to the souls of animal lovers. Lori Faye Bock and Sharon Markwardt, although deeply contrasting in styles and form, cross-over when it comes to subject matter. Come see the minute detail in Sharon’s grand animal paintings in oil and come enjoy the wisdom and whimsy in Lori Fay Bock’s critters in acrylic.

Cipher - Bonnie Teitelbaum

Cipher – Bonnie Teitelbaum



For art enthusiasts that are drawn toward the more abstract pieces, we recommend Bonnie Teitelbaum and Michael Ethridge to name just a couple. Bonnie’s acrylics are full of movement and energy, marked by distinct gestural scratches. They speak their own language – come decipher them for yourself! Michael Ethridge’s acrylic abstracts have traces of sculptural formations and are cloaked in unmatched color – simply stunning.


If you love art that portrays nature, yet has elements of the abstract and echoes of the magical, April Deming and Christopher Owen Nelson offer just that. Both artists weave realism into their works yet leave plenty of room for the imagination with components that lean toward the abstract.

Shadow of Thunder - Sharon Markwardt

Shadow of Thunder – Sharon Markwardt

Can you tell that we’re excited about all of our artists’ varying styles? We simply can’t wait to share these works and many more with you in person. Bring your family in and create a holiday memory that will last forever. See you soon!

If purchasing a piece off the blog, mention that you found the piece on the blog and get a special discount!

The Eternal Love of Mother Gaia - April Deming

The Eternal Love of Mother Gaia – April Deming