The Heart Of Waxlander | Phyllis Kapp

Follow the Dream - Phyllis Kapp

Follow the Dream – Phyllis Kapp

The paintings in my gallery will always reflect the joys of life.” – Phyllis Kapp

 Phyllis KappWhen Phyllis Kapp first began selling her paintings from a one-room studio 30 years ago, there were only a handful of galleries lining Santa Fe’s historic Canyon Road. She slept, cooked, painted and sold her work all in the same building, but it was something she enjoyed. “I never felt poor. I had such joy in being able to do what I love to earn a living,” says Kapp.

Kapp’s one-room studio prospered and grew. Collectors were drawn to the jubilant watercolors that combine her love of gardening, the landscape of the southwest and color. Over time she became recognized as one of the southwest’s most delightful watercolorists.

At the same time that her work was flourishing, Kapp also started mentoring other artists. She’s had the honor of seeing artists grow with Waxlander, and then branch to open their own galleries. “As I expanded the gallery, I got the same joy encouraging other artists to live their dreams.”

Find Your Dream - Phyllis Kapp

Find Your Dream – Phyllis Kapp

Today the gallery encompasses the works of more than 30 artists and 15 rooms, and though it has grown, Kapp’s vision is still at the heart of Waxlander. Stepping inside is almost like stepping into one of her paintings, visitors are surrounded by color and life.

Though Kapp has more more freedom to paint as staff manage most of the day-to-day operations, she still makes critical decisions regarding the gallery. She ultimately decides whose works will fill the building that she once both lived and worked at. Her motto is, “Sure we all have troubles, but why put it on the walls?” and that is reflected throughout every piece. From her own vibrant watercolors, to the playful animals, painted bouquets, immersive landscapes and thought-provoking abstracts of the other artists, each artist and piece reflects the joys that she wants her gallery to encompass.



A Beloved Fall Tradition | The Canyon Road Paint Out

marshall paint out WEB

The Historic Canyon Road Paint Out and Sculpt out may only be celebrating its 7th year, however it has already become a beloved fall tradition among art collectors and enthusiasts. More than 150 artists will fill the road, displaying their skills for the public as they create their pieces en plein air.  Visitors will be able to see their favorite artists at work and learn more about the varying methods and inspirations that influence their work.

Here at Waxlander Gallery we are proud to announce that 13 of our artists will be participating in the Paint Out this year.

What (Who) Will I See?

With so many artists representing the gallery, you’re sure to see something you’ll like. From captivating landscapes to joyous animals, inviting abstracts and sculptural paintings there is a little of almost everything.

Vast Expanses

For those love to explore in a world of paint, four artists will be bringing their places to life. Marshall Noice is known for his use of color to capture the feel of a scene, while Matthew Higginbotham portrays the idyllic serenity of his inspirations. Patrick Matthews uses color to give added depth to a landscape, while Tracee Gentry-Matthews’ vibrant cityscapes portray the heart of iconic places. Meanwhile, Ginnie Cappaert strips away all but the essentials to create her abstract color field minimalist landscapes.

Colorful Critters

Andree Hudson - Paint Out 2013Animals fill the world, and people’s hearts, with joy. They also fill the canvases of several of our artists. Andree Hudson’s cattle and horses powerfully stampede across her paintings, while Sharon Markwardt’s use of color gives added spirit to her realistic portrayals. Both Lori Faye Bock and Terrell Powell capture the whimsical nature of animals in their works.

The Third Dimension

Christopher Owen Nelson - Paint Out 2013Christopher Owen Nelson and Suzanne Donazetti both have added depth in their works. Nelson paints on the reverse of carved plexiglass, resulting in trees and details that literally pop from the background. Donazetti’s method of weaving strips of painted copper creates waves and undulations that give her work the feel of both sculpture and painting.

Forever In Bloom

April Deming - Paint Out 2013Even as the Paint Out welcomes autumn to Canyon Road, the flowers of summer bloom year round with the works of Dominique Boisjoli and April Deming. Boisjoli’s vibrant colors evoke a sense of joy, while Deming’s mix of various plants present the impression of a beloved garden perfectly tended.

See all of these artists in action during the Paint Out. October 18th starting at 10am.

Color & Joy | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Unfolding Clouds of Joy - Javier Lopez Barbosa

Unfolding Clouds of Joy – Javier Lopez Barbosa

“I really don’t depend on inspiration to paint, it is more a need of creating, the need of being in that precious presence where nothing matters, where there is nothing but joy and peace.” – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Javier Lopez Barbosa knew that he was going to be an artist for most of his life. As a child he was rarely without a box of crayons, colored pencils or watercolors. He used color as a way to express himself to the world.

Barbosa still uses color as a means of expressing himself, and the results have been collected and displayed for decades as audiences appreciate the art of the internationally recognized painter. His large and glossy works exhibit a connection between artist and medium, while the bold use of varying hues conveys a message of joy.

“I think all of us are put on this world for a reason. Mine is to speak out loud with my colorful paintings full of love, passion, and best wishes for all.”

The Waxlander family is honored to welcome Javier Lopez Barbosa to the Gallery. We invite you to come experience his large and exuberant works, or view them on his artist page.

A Culture of Color

“Growing up in Mexico set me in a place of mind where I knew, since I was a young boy that I wanted to become an artist. Mexico is full of art, color, and music. All this awoke my true talents.”

Analysis of Joy - Javier Lopez Barbosa

Analysis of Joy – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Barbosa was born and raised in Mexico. It was against the colorful backdrop created by the culture that he discovered his calling as an artist. He was attracted to the bright colors that are pervasive in all corners, from the buildings, to the markets and even the clothing. But it was when he saw an abstract painting in a house that he knew what he wanted to do.

This upbringing is evident in his art as vibrant colors mingle on the canvas. Barbosa understood at a young age the complimentary effects that bold shades could have on one another, and he brings this knowledge into his art. Striking orange and sky blue blend in ‘Analysis of Joy,’ while soothing green, calming blue and a hint of lavender dance in ‘Rewarding.’

Adventures in Creativity

“I hardly ever have a definite idea of what I’m going to paint. I simply start with the first color that comes into my mind and let the magic begin. I just let my will for creativity take over my physical body to do what it has to do.”

Rewarding - Javier Lopez Barbosa

Rewarding – Javier Lopez Barbosa

For Barbosa, there is a sense of freedom and adventure that comes with painting on larger surfaces. He describes his work as a connection between his best feelings and the blank canvas, and this connection is apparent to anybody who sees his art. Bold colors mingle in the perfect harmony that occurs when an artist is in symbiosis with his medium.

Another way that the link between Barbosa and his art is evidenced is by his process. A self-taught artist, he primarily uses a palette knife to spread and smooth the rich colors across his canvas. Translucent paints are applied layer by layer and mixed with a variety of glazing mediums to achieve the effect that he is looking for. The result is the textured, yet smooth, and glossy surface that Barbosa is known for.

“Like a child playing, there is no past or future, there is only presence.  That is how I like to paint, letting out the inner child that we all tend to forget or ignore, the one that is hiding within all those layers of emotions, gradually, bringing it out within the layering of my paintings and then process of creation begins and then the focusing on the process to achieve success.  But true success to me, is when my work is viewed, and smiles start to arise.”