Color & Joy | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Unfolding Clouds of Joy - Javier Lopez Barbosa

Unfolding Clouds of Joy – Javier Lopez Barbosa

“I really don’t depend on inspiration to paint, it is more a need of creating, the need of being in that precious presence where nothing matters, where there is nothing but joy and peace.” – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Javier Lopez Barbosa knew that he was going to be an artist for most of his life. As a child he was rarely without a box of crayons, colored pencils or watercolors. He used color as a way to express himself to the world.

Barbosa still uses color as a means of expressing himself, and the results have been collected and displayed for decades as audiences appreciate the art of the internationally recognized painter. His large and glossy works exhibit a connection between artist and medium, while the bold use of varying hues conveys a message of joy.

“I think all of us are put on this world for a reason. Mine is to speak out loud with my colorful paintings full of love, passion, and best wishes for all.”

The Waxlander family is honored to welcome Javier Lopez Barbosa to the Gallery. We invite you to come experience his large and exuberant works, or view them on his artist page.

A Culture of Color

“Growing up in Mexico set me in a place of mind where I knew, since I was a young boy that I wanted to become an artist. Mexico is full of art, color, and music. All this awoke my true talents.”

Analysis of Joy - Javier Lopez Barbosa

Analysis of Joy – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Barbosa was born and raised in Mexico. It was against the colorful backdrop created by the culture that he discovered his calling as an artist. He was attracted to the bright colors that are pervasive in all corners, from the buildings, to the markets and even the clothing. But it was when he saw an abstract painting in a house that he knew what he wanted to do.

This upbringing is evident in his art as vibrant colors mingle on the canvas. Barbosa understood at a young age the complimentary effects that bold shades could have on one another, and he brings this knowledge into his art. Striking orange and sky blue blend in ‘Analysis of Joy,’ while soothing green, calming blue and a hint of lavender dance in ‘Rewarding.’

Adventures in Creativity

“I hardly ever have a definite idea of what I’m going to paint. I simply start with the first color that comes into my mind and let the magic begin. I just let my will for creativity take over my physical body to do what it has to do.”

Rewarding - Javier Lopez Barbosa

Rewarding – Javier Lopez Barbosa

For Barbosa, there is a sense of freedom and adventure that comes with painting on larger surfaces. He describes his work as a connection between his best feelings and the blank canvas, and this connection is apparent to anybody who sees his art. Bold colors mingle in the perfect harmony that occurs when an artist is in symbiosis with his medium.

Another way that the link between Barbosa and his art is evidenced is by his process. A self-taught artist, he primarily uses a palette knife to spread and smooth the rich colors across his canvas. Translucent paints are applied layer by layer and mixed with a variety of glazing mediums to achieve the effect that he is looking for. The result is the textured, yet smooth, and glossy surface that Barbosa is known for.

“Like a child playing, there is no past or future, there is only presence.  That is how I like to paint, letting out the inner child that we all tend to forget or ignore, the one that is hiding within all those layers of emotions, gradually, bringing it out within the layering of my paintings and then process of creation begins and then the focusing on the process to achieve success.  But true success to me, is when my work is viewed, and smiles start to arise.”

Enchanted Inspirations | Matthew Higginbotham

High Mesa Clouds - Matthew Higginbotham

High Mesa Clouds – Matthew Higginbotham

“Land is Spirit to me. Beyond mere appearances, I feel there is an energy, an aliveness, a livingness and vitality in the land.”- Matthew Higginbotham

Bosque Stand - Matthew Higginbotham

Bosque Stand – Matthew Higginbotham

Matthew Higginbotham is an artist inspired by nature.  Whether the subject of any particular work is a single tree or an expansive field he is able to capture the energy and spirit of a place in his paintings, and viewers can often sense the reverence that the artist holds for his subject. His paintings are filled with light and a vibrancy that makes them feel as alive as the scenes that inspired them.

While Higginbotham may be able to sense the spirit of many of the places he visits, he can often find strong sources of inspiration close to home. Sights from states bordering New Mexico often appear in his work, with the Tall Grass Prairie in northern Oklahoma playing a role in his current exhibition, but often he can find his subjects within the Land of Enchantment.

New Mexico Cumulus - Matthew Higginbotham

New Mexico Cumulus – Matthew Higginbotham

The features of New Mexico comprise a large portion of Higginbotham’s work. From cloudscapes he can see from his residence outside of Santa Fe, to the stunning scenery of the Bosque Del Apache, he depicts the views from close to home in a way that highlights the enchantment of the state. Works such as “New Mexico Cumulus” and “Bosque Stand” ensure that whether the painting remains near the place that inspired it, or travels across the globe, a piece of New Mexico magic will always be enjoyed.

“My hope is to show the immense power and mystery imbedded within the land… for me, a palpable force and presence that is always there if we take the time to notice it.”

Visit Waxlander Gallery through September 8th to see Matthew Higginbotham’s latest nature inspired work during his ‘Touching Land’ show.

Touching Land | Matthew Higginbotham

Anthem of the Bosque - Matthew Higginbotham

Anthem of the Bosque – Matthew Higginbotham

“My hope is… to show the immense power and mystery imbedded within the land… for me, a palpable force and presence that is always there if we take the time to notice it.” – Matthew Higinbotham

There is a luminescence to Matthew Higginbotham’s work. The grasses, trees and clouds that fill his landscapes have a glow of their own as they reflect the light in his paintings. Whether the subject is an expanse of land or a single plant he has an ability to capture its spirit in his paintings.

We’re proud to present Higginbotham’s newest work during his “Touching Land” show, which runs through September 8th. We invite you to see the life radiated from his paintings and join us for the opening reception on Friday August 29th from 5-7:30 pm.

Inspired Lands

Autumn Chamisa - Matthew Higginbotham

Autumn Chamisa – Matthew Higginbotham

Higginbotham finds inspiration for his works both near his home south of Santa Fe and farther away as he travels to some of the beautiful places in the region. He is also drawn to a variety of scenes. From a cluster of trees to clouds heavy with rain, reflections in still water to a single plant he is able to portray their uniqueness through his work.

Whether he is focused on the stunning view of an open landscape or the nuance of light and shadow on a particular element he is able to portray the elegance of nature. The brushstrokes in ‘Autumn Chamisa’ capture both the simplicity and beauty in this humble plant, while ‘Anthem of the Bosque’ shows the scene with resplendent beauty.

 “I travelled to the Tall Grass Prairie in northern OK late last year which continues to be an inspiring spot for me.  I am drawn to the golden grasses of this place and the incredible expanse.  The Bosque Del Apache (“forest of the Apache”) in central NM also is a wonderful place of inspiration for me. With a constant source of water from the Rio Grande, it grasses, trees, and wildlife thrive.”

Beauty Rising

Tree of Sky - Matthew Higginbotham

Tree of Sky – Matthew Higginbotham

Higginbotham has also focused on trees in his newest works. While they have always played a part in past work, they are presented with fresh prominence.  Light bursts through the canopy in ‘Ensemble,’ flowers and buds signify the growth of spring in “Tree of Sky’ and the rich hues of autumn fill the branches in ‘Resplendence.’ By bringing trees to the fore of his work he has elevated their natural beauty to new heights.

“I am being drawn to larger paintings of trees.  I always have, but the recent pieces are up pretty close, showing a full frontal tree in all its beauty and glory.  I am particularly fascinated with tall poplars and cottonwoods.”

Come see Matthew Higginbotham’s ‘Touching Land’ and join us for the reception on August 29th from 5-7:30 pm.