Magnificence Of The Soul – Nnamdi Okonkwo

Soul Sisters - Nnamdi Okonkwo

Soul Sisters – Nnamdi Okonkwo

“I believe that life is not ordinary, but that there is a heroic, monumental, and divine capacity to the human spirit.” – Nnamdi Okonkwo

Nnamdi Okonkwo is an artist with the ability to capture the essence of emotion and translate it into sculpture. The voluminous figures in his sculpture reflect the human experience through expressive poses, while the minimalist features of some pieces honor the universal nature of the feelings his work portrays.

Here at Waxlander we are pleased to welcome Okonkwo back to the gallery and invite you to see his works.

Woman As Metaphor

“I realized that I could say so much with the female figure because of the depth of the noble human attributes such as Love, Life,  Empathy, Serenity, Inner strength, etc. which it universally embodies.”

Contemplation - Nnamdi Okonkwo

Contemplation – Nnamdi Okonkwo

Okonkwo originally started sculpting the female form in order to explore its unique challenges, however as he delved into it he realized how much he could say with it. This is evident in his ability to express a range of feelings through his pieces. From the large, joyous, movements in ‘Celebration,’ to the nuanced downturn of the head in ‘Contemplation,’ he is able to convey an understanding of emotion.

The feminine figure also holds another special meaning to Okonkwo. Born in Eastern Nigeria, his indigenous culture is one that sees womanhood as something venerated and “mother is supreme.”

“There is an understanding that women share, even in a small way, with the creator, the sacred act of giving life. Perhaps this understanding of the dignity of womanhood inspires me to seek to honor women in my sculpture.”

Return To Waxlander

“It’s exciting for me to be showing at Waxlander again! I feel that working together we can be enormously successful in bringing my work to the notice of collectors that will find it meaningful and significant.”

Celebration - Nnamdi Okonkwo

Celebration – Nnamdi Okonkwo

Okonkwo’s return to Waxlander is a treat for both collectors and first-time viewers of the sculptor’s work, as well as for us in the gallery. Many existing collectors will have already worked with the gallery and know what to expect, while the location and reputation will allow more people to be exposed to his art.

“Waxlander has a very competent staff, and combined with the other intangibles such as location, reputation, etc, I feel rather fortunate to be able to have them represent me!”

New Directions

“From experience there’s more success to be had when the new ideas are not contrived, but rather are spontaneous revelations that occur as the artist is engaged in work.”

After several years spent splitting his time between the studio and travels to market his work, Okonkwo is devoted to spending more time in creation this year. He’s excited to see what new directions his work will take as he explores new ideas and is able to give them the amount of time necessary to develop fully.

To see the evocative sculptures of Nnamdi Okonkwo, visit us here at Waxlander Gallery or view them on his artist page.

Friendship - Nnamdi Okonkwo

Friendship – Nnamdi Okonkwo


The Wild, Colorful, West of Andree Hudson

Sunset Riders - Andree Hudson

Sunset Riders – Andree Hudson

Herds of cattle roaming the plains, horses running across the prairies, and of course cowboys and cowgirls are all staples of western art. These are also the chosen subjects of Andree Hudson, whose new works are currently filling the gallery for her one-woman show “Wild for Color.

The show is comprised of a variety of pieces, and each displays the unique style that collectors have come to love from Hudson. Masterful brushstrokes create unmistakable figures while bold tones and drips of paint accentuate the natural lines of her subjects.

A Stampede of Color

Running Through - Andree Hudson

Running Through – Andree Hudson

One can almost feel the pounding of hooves, or hear the swish of fabric caught in a breeze as Hudson’s ability to capture life is translated onto the canvas. This natural energy enhances the colors of the paint, and in turn the artist is able to further enhance the experience through use of vibrant shades.

Cool blues evoke the calm of an evening ride in “Sunset Riders” while hints of orange enhance the movement of a dancer’s skirt in “Amor.” Energetic highlights of teal and orange are accompanied by purple shadows in “Running Through” while a sense of peace is conveyed through the lush greens in “Family Outing.” While not true to life, these hues add to the dynamism of each piece; helping to give the viewer the sense of time and place in each painting.

Come See Andree Hudson’s Wild and Colorful Scenes during her show “Wild for Color” through July 21st.

Family Outing - Andree Hudson

Family Outing – Andree Hudson

Wild For Color | Andree Hudson

In Stride - Andree Hudson

In Stride – Andree Hudson

“I love color, but I don’t use true color. I paint what I feel.” – Andree Hudson

Horses and cattle run through fields of vibrant shades, cowboys ride into sunsets of uncommon hue and women are draped in jewel tones. This is the work of Andree Hudson, and her bold paintings are often a favorite of visitors and collectors here at Waxlander Gallery.

Hudson’s newest pieces are as colorful as ever, and we are proud to present them as we welcome the artist this week for her one-woman show, “Wild For Color,” which runs until July 21st. We invite you to stop by and see her newest works, and meet the artist during the opening reception on July 11th from 5-7:30 pm.

Wild Hues

“I like to introduce new colors each year”

Cowboys - Andree Hudson

Cowboys – Andree Hudson

Hudson is an artist that likes to use all the color that she can, but she also makes an effort to introduce new colors to her palette each year. This season she has focused on adding more purples, teals and greens to her work, while maintaining the varied shades that has always filled her canvases.

You can see these new colors throughout the works, with both purple and teal providing highlights in a number of pieces. Some paintings utilize them for much more than highlights, however. The Cowboy series incorporates vast swaths of lilac in the background, while horses and cattle stampede through skies of turquoise in “In Stride,” “Family of Five,” and others.

Colorful Tools

Blues Brothers - Andree Hudson

Blues Brothers – Andree Hudson

In addition to the new shades that are appearing in her recent pieces, Hudson has also started to use an often colorful tool to paint. While not regularly found in the painter’s toolbox it is something everybody is familiar with, the credit card.

Much like the paint that fills Hudson’s canvases, credit cards come in almost every color imaginable. However, the variety of hues is increased as the artist turns the rectangles of plastic into elements of creation. Two of Hudson’s most recent works, ‘Dusk’ and ‘Blues Brothers,’ were painted entirely by credit card. Other pieces in her newest series were created using a blend of credit card and traditional tools.

Along with the new colors and methods, collectors can expect to find many of the mainstays of Hudson’s work. Her pieces remain as energetic as ever, and the drips that have graced her work for years continue to be an element that she includes. The mix of figurative and wildlife will surely provide something for everybody to enjoy.

Whether incorporating new colors, new tools or utilizing the methods she has throughout her career, the art of Andree Hudson always inspires.

Please visit us for the artist reception for Andree Hudson’s “Wild For Color” – July 11th from 5-7:30 pm, and view the show through Monday July 21st.

Dusk - Andree Hudson

Dusk – Andree Hudson